Collecting DB Port from Engine (Passive)
Data Collecting/Scraping open port from 3rd party (Default::Shodan), For right now just using Shodan [Future::Censys,Zoomeye] . So we do not perfom active scan, who collect the port ? Third-party sites (Shodan,Zoomeye,Censys) doing that and perfom active scan and then, we just collected the port from their result
    More efficient and effective to collecting port from list ip on target [[ Subdomain > IP Resolver > Crawling > ASN & Open Port ]]
    Here we can further narrow the targeting port for checking in port scanning
    List ASN From IP List [running auto on db_port::ip_dbasn.txt]
Must running with argument -rS | --resolver
./sudomy -d -rs --db-port
Result file :
Here we also get ASN information from all IPs
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