Collecting DB Port from Engine (Passive)

Data Collecting/Scraping open port from 3rd party (Default::Shodan), For right now just using Shodan [Future::Censys,Zoomeye] . So we do not perfom active scan, who collect the port ? Third-party sites (Shodan,Zoomeye,Censys) doing that and perfom active scan and then, we just collected the port from their result

  • More efficient and effective to collecting port from list ip on target [[ Subdomain > IP Resolver > Crawling > ASN & Open Port ]]

  • Here we can further narrow the targeting port for checking in port scanning

  • List ASN From IP List [running auto on db_port::ip_dbasn.txt]

Must running with argument -rS | --resolver

./sudomy -d -rs --db-port

Result file :

Here we also get ASN information from all IPs